Happenstance Distillery – Gin distillery in Thebarton, South Australia

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Happenstance Gin

700mL 42%

Happenstance Gin has been lovingly distilled to create a flavour that will tantalise your tastebuds and delight your palate. Distilled for you to enjoy the way you love it best, our citrus forward gin pairs traditional staples such as juniper and coriander that combine elegantly with contemporary botanicals like lemon myrtle and strawberry gum.

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What do we do?

A drink of passion
A labour of love

From a love of gin to a life of it

Our passion for creating a gin that you keep returning to is central to every bottle of Happenstance. Creating our signature gin has been a fantastic adventure and the foundation of an amazing friendship. Together we burst into spontaneous happy dances when new flavour profiles exploded in our mouths, and also felt the disappointment of experiments that fell flat. But persistence paid off and we continued crafting batch after batch until we landed our recipe for the perfect signature gin that we love sharing with you.

The process of making gin is all about selecting the right combination of botanicals to pass through our alembic copper still. But for us the true key to the process is a supportive network of family and friends who have encouraged, nurtured and helped us as we turned Happenstance Distillery from an idea to a reality. Happenstance is more than a name, it’s the serendipity of the support and the connections we’ve made along the way who have made it all possible.

For us the process is personal. From selecting the ingredients to filling and labelling each bottle, we are involved every step of the way and we’re so excited to share the results of our passion for gin with you.

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Who’s behind the bottle?

Meet Tim and Mei Lin

The connoisseurs that made all this happen

We are Mei Lin and Tim, acquaintances who have formed a strong friendship over a common love of gin. We have been on an incredible adventure to bring you Happenstance Gin… we’ve tasted every craft gin we could get our hands on, passed countless batches through the test stills and finally tamed the alembic copper still to bring our signature gin to you.

Hands-on at every stage, we put our hearts into bringing Happenstance Distillery to you, from our signature gin to all of the single batch and seasonal specials we will share.

Please get in touch if you’d like to know more!
Mei Lin 0407 062 767, Tim 0427 237 613

The Happenstance Distillery

A tiny distillery with
big dreams

Gin distillery in Thebarton, South Australia

Happenstance Distillery is in Thebarton on the western edge of Adelaide. This historic area, where Kaurna people once gathered on the banks of the River Torrens, was named and surveyed by Colonel William Light and today hosts a colourful mix of residents and industries, including a healthy number of distilleries and breweries.

Happenstance Distillery sits alongside the Thebarton Incinerator, a once functional edifice designed by Walter Burley Griffin which today enjoys its status as a nationally significant building.